Praise for SLEEP TIGHT (aka Bedbugs!!!)

2014 Off Broadway

“A theatrical blast of fresh air… This audacious rock-’n’-roll concoction about mutant bedbugs that terrorize New York City never stops surprising… The sci-fi slapstick tradition of “Little Shop of Horrors” and “The Rocky Horror Show” is alive and well and, now, six-legged.” The New York Times

“The most fun you can have with bedbugs without having to burn the sheets. Psychotically hilarious.  Leschen and Sauter deliver a deliciously nostalgic eighties pop score” Theater is Easy

“Leschen and Sauter succeed in producing a refreshingly hummable and sturdily crafted score – a rarity in the contemporary pop/rock canon.” Theaterscene

“This is all way over-the-top but it works because of Fred Sauter's excellent book and lyrics as well as Paul Leschen's catchy music (16 hard-rockin' songs). The brainchild of both artists, this show is original as it gets.” Curtain Up 

“An evening of zany, scary, laugh-out-loud fun, Bedbugs!!! merits all its exclamation points.” Blogcritics


“Leschen’s score is catchy and fun, A mix of Little Shop and The Toxic Avenger. Bedbugs!!! is musical comedy genius.” Theater In the Now

 If you like musicals that earn their exclamation points, this may be what you’ve been itching for. Dark comedy and killer vocals help Bedbugs!!! get under your skin. Time Out New York

“Jaw dropping and gut busting. “Bedbugs” will leave you singing and scratching for days.” Out in Jersey

Bedbugs!!! The New Cult Phenomenon” Times Square Chronicle

“Let’s just say they set the bar for off-broadway comedies high, and other shows are going to have a tough time getting it this right.” Used New York City

“This surprisingly well-rounded musical comedy from the creative minds of Paul Leschen and Fred Sauter offers enough lighthearted fun to make even the most vehement scaredy cat comes to terms with their entomophobia.” Manhattan Digest



Praise for SLEEP TIGHT (aka Bedbugs!!!)

2008 NYMF

“…Leschen and Sauter have created a set of songs with a great deal of cleverness and craft, truly worthy of Madonna in her Material Girl days.”


“With Sauter’s burrowing and boisterous book and lyrics, Leschen’s invidiously astute 80s take-off tunes, and such strong performers on hand, BEDBUGS!!! already has almost all the bite it needs.” -Matthew Murray for Talkin’ Broadway


“Composer Paul Leschen and book writer/lyricist Fred Sauter capitalized brilliantly on the city's latest pox in Bedbugs!!! The Musical. Those who have had or thought they had bedbugs  can especially appreciate the references (the nightmares! the shame!), but everyone can appreciate the solid camped out storyline, the synth-heavy 80's music and stellar cast.” -Halley Bondy, News Reporter for Backstage