Praise for SLEEP TIGHT (aka Bedbugs!!!)

2008 NYMF

“…Leschen and Sauter have created a set of songs with a great deal of cleverness and craft, truly worthy of Madonna in her Material Girl days.”


“With Sauter’s burrowing and boisterous book and lyrics, Leschen’s invidiously astute 80s take-off tunes, and such strong performers on hand, BEDBUGS!!! already has almost all the bite it needs.” -Matthew Murray for Talkin’ Broadway


“Composer Paul Leschen and book writer/lyricist Fred Sauter capitalized brilliantly on the city's latest pox in Bedbugs!!! The Musical. Those who have had or thought they had bedbugs  can especially appreciate the references (the nightmares! the shame!), but everyone can appreciate the solid camped out storyline, the synth-heavy 80's music and stellar cast.” -Halley Bondy, News Reporter for Backstage