Sleep Tight

by Leschen & Sauter

Sleep Tight (formerly titled Bedbugs!!!) was a 2014 Off-Broadway New York Times Critics Pick and TimeOut NY Critics Pick. (Dir/Chor. Robert Bartley)

Carly, a lonely exterminator creates a powerful insecticide to rid NYC of its bedbug problem, accidentally mutating the bugs into human-size, intelligent sexual, world-conquering monsters. With the help of her assistant/ brother Burt and Canadian pop singer Dionne Salon, Carly must face her inner demons and choose between an unlikely love and the fate of the world.

Music by Paul Leschen. Book & Lyrics by Fred Sauter. Concept and Story by Leschen and Sauter.

Demos recorded 2007 through 2012. Music played by Paul Leschen. Vocals by Ryan Bogner, Lena Hall, Chris Hall, Paul Leschen, Brian Charles Rooney, Michael Zahler.